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  • About Le Timbre Classique Genf

    Le Timbre Classique SA in Geneva, Switzerland is the sister company of the renowned company Le Timbre Classique located in the famous rue Drouot in Paris. Our auction in Geneva is the ideal platform to sell your international stamps and covers. Our aim is to present a selection of specialized collections and single rarities. Should you wish to sell your collection in the near future, do contact us early in order to give enough time to marketing strategy and researched descriptions. We look forward to hearing from you.

Terms and Conditions

Le Timbre Classique Genf

Conditions of Sale

Participation in sales organised by “Le Timbre Classique SA” means that you accept all of our conditions below as well as the rights and obligations arising therefrom.

1. We guarantee the authenticity of individual lots (stamps, covers and related material not limited to proofs, essays and specimens) for a period of 5 years.
Lots composed of several stamps or letters which are not individually described are specifically excluded from this guarantee. The submission of an offer on an individual lot with an expert’s certificate or signature signifies the buyer’s acceptance of this expertise and excludes that lot from any claims based on the opinion of another expert. If the buyer wants the advice of another expert, he must inform us no later than the day of the sale.
  • 1. The lots can be viewed either in our offices or at the place of sale, at the times mentioned in the catalogue or on our website.
  • 2. The customer is responsible for all damage caused while handling the stamps.
  • 3. Only the customer registered with our company or their registered agent may participate in our sales.
  • 4. We may withdraw a lot or group two or more lots at any time.
  • 5. We may at any time refuse the participation of a client in our sale or auction without giving any justification.
2. The photos of the lots in our catalogues or on our site are part of the descriptions: perforations, margins, centring, cancellations, colours, etc.
  • 1. A reclamation (for an individual lot) concerning the quality, an error of description or any other request, must be notified to us upon receipt of the goods, but always within 30 days after the sale. Otherwise, the customer loses the right to any return or adjustment. We do not accept reclamations about collections or lots made up of several stamps or covers. We do not accept a return of large or mixed lots if the buyer has had the opportunity to examine them personally or through an agent. We do not accept the return of a lot if it has been intentionally altered by the buyer.
  • 2. Any request for an expertise (only for an individual lot) must be made during the sale, or at most 2 weeks after the day of the sale. A return based on any expertise obtained by the buyer upon receipt of his goods, but without our approval, will not be accepted.
3. All auction bids must be made in CHF (unless otherwise specified in the catalogues and / or on the website).
  • 1. Please respect the following increments for bids or offers:
  • from CHF 50 to CHF 200 = CHF 10
  • from CHF 200 to CHF 500 = CHF 20
  • from CHF 500 to CHF 1’000 = CHF 50
  • from CHF 1’000 to CHF 2’000 = CHF 100
  • from CHF 2’000 to CHF 5’000 = CHF 200
  • from CHF 5’000 to CHF 10’000 = CHF 500
  • from CHF 10’000 to CHF 20’000 = CHF 1’000
  • from CHF 20’000 to CHF 50’000 = CHF 2’000
  • from CHF 50’000 to CHF 100’000 = CHF 5’000
  • over CHF 100’000 = CHF 10’000
          We will adjust bids not in accordance with the above increments to the NEXT HIGHER INCREMENT according to the above scale.
  • 2. In the event that we receive two identical bids or offers for the same lot, we will award the lot to the one that arrives first.
  • 3. A person (agent, representative) who bids on behalf of a third party is responsible for paying for the goods.
  • 4. Result of the sale: to the final auction price, a commission of 23% will be added, as well as 1% insurance and Swiss VAT of 8.1%. Foreign customers wishing to export themselves will have to pay Swiss VAT and will be reimbursed Swiss VAT upon presentation of the official export document from a Swiss customs office. For our customers living abroad, we will export the goods and declare the amount shown on the official invoice (this in Swiss francs).
4. Payment for the goods: payment is due on the day of the sale.
  • 1. We accept a payment delay only on lots to be expertised.
  • 2. We accept payment in another currency, provided that the exchange rate applied is indicated or agreed by our company. The buyer will be responsible for any exchange rate difference if he has not made an express request or agreement for the exchange rate with our company.
  • 3. We will deliver the goods once we have received the full amount owed by the buyer..
  • 4. Any goods returned to us without valid reason will be reshipped against payment of a new shipping invoice and other related costs.
  • 5. Any goods not paid in full will remain the property of the seller. If after sending three reminders, the customer has not paid his complete debt, Le Timbre Classique SA will keep any amounts already paid as initial compensation.
5. Late payment: A charge of CHF 40 per reminder, as well as a penalty of 5% of the total invoice on the 30th day after the sale, then 2% of the sums due per additional month or portion thereof.

6. Applicable law and jurisdiction: The sale and all resulting legal actions arising therefrom will be subject to Swiss law only. Any action against a Swiss or foreign buyer will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Geneva, subject to appeal to the Swiss Federal Court in Lausanne.

7. Our company does not insure and assumes no liability for : Personal injury or material damage occurring during the journey to the office or to the place of sale. Bodily injury at the point of sale.
Privacy agreement

Le Timbre Classique Genf

We comply to all EU privacy rules.
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