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  • About Philatelic Service of Finland

    Philatelic Service of Finland holds four online auctions every year and each sale offers 3000-4000 lots. Auctions include always a lot of worldwide postal history, mainly in intact lots and collections and also as single items. Foreign section includes lot of collections and lots mainly from estates. Every sale has a strong selection of Russia, Baltic States and Finland in various sections. There are both large and small lots and looking through the sale will give you an opportunity to find many interesting and unusual items.

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Philatelic Service of Finland

Auction Rules


You can make advance bids in writing by mail, fax and email or through our website, www.filateliapalvelu.com. Established customers may also make bids by telephone. We retain the right to reject any bids without having to give any specific reason, or to demand a security for them. The items remain the property of the sellers until they have been fully paid for. A commission of 22% will be added to the final auction price. Our invoicing applies the margin scheme that is applicable to collector’s items and antiquities according to VAT Act Article 79a. Our invoices do not contain deductible VAT.

At the auctions of Philatelic Service of Finland Ltd, items are sold to the winning bidder at the price of the second highest bid plus 10%, or at the price of the highest bid if this is smaller. Example: Mr A bids EUR 50, Miss D EUR 70 and Collector K EUR 100 for an item. The item goes to Collector K at the price of EUR 70 plus 10% = EUR 77 plus 22% commission = EUR 93.90. When equal bids are made, the time when bids were received is decisive. When only one bid is made, the item is sold at the starting price plus the 22% commission. We retain the right to reject any bids without having to give any specific reason, or to demand a security for them. The minimum increase is EUR 0.50!

Click “Help” for detailed instructions and rules of the online auction. Check the “Help” section before making bids. When you make a bid, you accept our rules and operating principles.

Buyer´s Commission:

A 22% commission will be added to the final auction price. It is payable by the buyer.

Delivery of items:

Items to new customers will be delivered against cash on delivery. Valuable items will be delivered by registered mail and very valuable items by insured mail. We charge a handling fee of EUR 5 plus postage for each consignment. Items will be dispatched as soon after the auction as possible.

Requests related to the dispatch of items must be made no later than two days before the deadline for submitting written bids.

Payments for the items must be done within 14 days of the invoicing date. Any remarks of the items must be made within 7 days of the receipt of the items. In accordance with the general international practice, collections and lots cannot be returned. Therefore, the starting prices of most lots and collections are low, usually just a fraction of their catalogue values. There are always both better and worse items in the collections and lots. We recommend that you come and check them in advance. When you return a single item, please always state your reason, your customer number and the invoice number. The items remain the property of the sellers until they have been fully paid for. The items which the buyer wants to have certified after the auction (extension procedure) shall be notified to the auctioneer in good time before the auction so that the matter can be jointly agreed upon. Certification shall take place within 20 days from the auction date, and the buyer undertakes to pay all the expenses related to certification thus agreed upon. If the buyer wants to return an item, it must be delivered to the auctioneer within 30 days of the auction date, in the same condition as it was auctioned.
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Philatelic Service of Finland

Auction Results
December 1st, 2017
Philatelic Service of Finland - 106th Online Auction
Over 2000 lots of postal history, focus on Finland and worldwide, stamps, covers, collections and lots.